About Us

Guiding Girls

Guiding Girls strives to help girls find direction by introducing them to a wide array of career paths. With our junior and senior mentor framework, girls are provided with a comprehensive guidance structure that will help provide a stable pathway as they look to achieve their academic and career goals. Guiding Girls aims to help provide girls with the skills and knowledge they need to counter stereotypes and obstacles and achieve their goals. Studies have shown mentorship programs for the youth have a high correlation to productivity and confidence. We want our next generation of girls to have the self-respect and confidence to tackle obstacles that may come in the way of achieving their goals.

Change and transition into new academic environments or can be daunting. Middle School girls have the unique opportunity to work with our junior mentors (high school students/college students) to help them navigate and transition to high school.

High school girls have a different set of challenges from college applications to laying the groundwork for career aspirations. High school students have the opportunity to connect with a wide array of accomplished women from a variety of different fields, listen to their stories, and understand how they overcame their obstacles, so they in turn can be ready when faced with similar challenges.

Both middle schools/high school girls have the chance to listen to our senior mentors on our speaker series.

Give, Guide, Grow – Building a network for our girls so we can see them flourish into the successful leaders we know the can be!