Founder Guiding Girls: Sarina Shah

Founder Guiding Girls

Sarina Shah is a high school student at the Horace Mann School in New York. Sarina is an extremely passionate individual, particularly on the topics of women empowerment and gender equality. An avid reader, Sarina immerses herself in the stories of women who have achieved success and the obstacles they faced along the way. When she learned the primary reason young women give up on their dreams is the lack of self-confidence and guidance, she felt disheartened. Sarina’s passion became helping instill confidence in young girls so they face challenges head-on and never give up on attaining their dreams. Guiding Girls is a mission that is close to Sarina’s heart. She wanted to create a forum where younger girls have the opportunity to receive career guidance from accomplished women so that they can make more educated choices and understand how to address obstacles they may face in pursuit of their dreams.

In addition to her interests in gender equality, Sarina has always been interested in policy and international relations. As a Model United Nations delegate in 4th grade, Sarina was one of a handful of students selected to present her delegation’s resolution at the United Nations. This interest in policy really took shape as she began her Public Forum debate journey in 7th grade. Sarina’s passion in Public Forum debate shows when she speaks to other students about her interest in the program and why they should consider joining. She has now been debating for two years and has participated in various different national circuit tournaments. She intends to continue to pursue her interests in PF Debate throughout her high school career.

Sarina has also become interested in helping increase day-to-day efficiencies through sustainable platforms. She is currently working on an independent research project that incorporates the topics of Biomimetics. Biomimicry is the design of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled after nature’s processes. Sarina hopes to complete this project later this year.

Sarina has been giving back to a cause she believes in, Luv Michael, a non-profit that guides, trains and employs autistic adults improving the lives of the autistic community beyond the lives of their parents. Sarina earned the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) as a result of her volunteer work with the Luv Michael program